Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Can't believe the news today

I remember seeing Heath Ledger for the first time as the young upstart in The Patriot. As overblown as the film was, his passion and youthful energy really jumped off the screen and made me sit up and take notice. Of course, his rugged good looks didn't hurt either, but you got the impression that there was more to him than just a pretty face. And who could forget the rollicking fun of A Knight's Tale? Cheesy and anachronistic? Sure, but what an entertaining movie, and Heath played that role to perfection. The poor boy peeking out from behind the swaggering mask of the arrogant young "knight", longing for the respect of his peers and the love of a good woman. I'll admit, in the intervening years, my travels having taken me away from following films, I had only kept tabs on his career by reading headlines and reviews. I was happy to see that he took the road less traveled by choosing roles that one wouldn't expect of a Hollywood heartthrob. I know that he'll always be remembered for his role in Brokeback Mountain, but I haven't yet seen the film. I'm a sissy at heart and don't want to be sad, and I know that the movie has to be a tearjerker. And now I know that when I do finally watch it, it will be an even sadder experience.

We were the same age. 28 years seems too short. I suppose we'll always wonder what might have been. He left behind an impressive body of work for one so young. And a little girl named Matilda will never know her daddy.


Dev said...

This is so sad. My niece called my today to tell me. She has such a crush on this guy. The Patriot, A Knight's Tale, 10 Things I Hate About You, Monster's Ball, and even Brokeback Mountain ~ I've seen all of these and he was a gifted actor. His death reminds me a lot of when River Phoenix died. What a waste.

Misty G said...

I remember first seeing him on a TV show called Roar. I had a feeling he would be around to do more than just a short run on a tv series.

I liked him best in Monsters Ball, and I think he'll make a great Joker.

It is really sad when someone so talented dies so young, but I guess I kind of look it as he brought a lot of good things to people in the time he was here.

He could have taken the easy route and done only big money making films, but he took chances and made a larger impact on people with his film choices.

Stacy~ said...

Very sad news, and heartbreaking for that little girl.

lisabea said...

Sigh. I feel so badly for his family.

Tumperkin said...

very sad.